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Photo courtsey of Anna Mazurek (@AnnaMazurekPhoto)

Chroma Collective

Chroma Collective is a group of creatives dedicated to empowering young artists, uplifting the voices of our community, and creating artworks that are dedicated to placekeeping practices.

With more and more young people pursuing alternative career paths, Chroma Collective was designed to fill the gap in creative mentorship and professional development and expand pathways for leadership in the arts. Participants have the opportunity to:

  • Increase artistic skill through sustained practice
  • Connect with working artists within Creative Action and the greater Austin community
  • Develop tangible workforce skills like budgeting for projects, submitting calls for art, and working with clients
  • Learn best practices in creating public art that is anti-racist, anti-colonial, and focused on placekeeping
  • Expand knowledge about the creative sector including gallery and arts space management, project management, and community engagement

Each year, Chroma accepts 2-4 muralists who are alumni of its sister program, Color Squad. The cohort works closely with Creative Action’s Staff Muralist to complete up to 10 projects for a variety of clients, including city contracts, corporate clients, individual or private projects, and community organizations.

Mylo Mendez, Staff Muralist

Mylo makes illustrations influenced by Mexican folk art, Mayan and Aztec design, and the color palettes of the Southwestern United States as a means of exploring their identity. By connecting to the past through artmaking and design, they investigate contemporary Mexican American experience and its relationship to heritage, family, and politics. Mylo holds an MFA from the Parson’s School of Design.

Lindsay Palmer, Director of Public Art

Lindsay was the founding Director of Color Squad from 2014-2021, and managed several large-scale public art projects during her tenure there. She has her BFA from Texas Tech University and MFA from the University of Colorado at Boulder, with a focus in Sculpture. Her work has been shown nationally and internationally at galleries including Box 13 in Houston TX, The Ice Box Gallery, in Iceland, The University of Texas, San Antonio, as well as projects for Austin Art in Public Places.

Meet our Current Alumni Muralists:

Mars Lee

Mars Lee is a painter who uses their art as a way to show others what their work looks like and express the emotions their find hardest to manage. Mars might e a painter but they enjoy many other forms of art mediums, such as digital art and ink. They’re eager to learn any new mediums and is willing to spend hours practicing a new skill to become a more versatile and experienced artist.

Yesenia Trejo

I like anything art related and if it has a message behind it even better. I was a part of Color Squad from 2016 to 2017 and now I’m back for the Chroma Collective project as an Alumni Muralist. I work with pencil mainly but I also like trying my hand out with painting and doing some things on digital and sometimes even mixing them together! I’m excited to be a part of this new project and to get to know new people.

Havi Millar

Havi is an interdisciplinary Filipino American artist from Austin. Interested in novelty and progress, his work plays on world-building and appropriation—reinterpreting subject matter into contemporary culture.

Arlo Kretzler

From 2015, Arlo began working with Creative Action and took part in Color Squad when she was in high school. After graduating in 2017, she moved to England and completed her foundation in art and design, then majored in Theatre Design at Nottingham Trent University.

Want to hire Chroma Collective for a project?

Email with your name, budget, timeline, and contact information. 

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