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We use the arts as a medium to inspire creativity, unlock potential, and transform the lives of students of all ages.


One student, one project, one community at a time, Creative Action will be a force for equity, belonging, and joy in our society. Equipped with creativity, confidence, courage, and critical thinking skills, there’s no limit to what our students can achieve.


Research shows that all young people deserve a well-rounded education that develops important life skills including creativity, compassion, critical thinking, and collaboration:

  • Youth who are involved in the arts are four times more likely to participate in a math and science fair, three times more likely to win an award for school attendance, four times more likely to be recognized for academic achievement, and three times more likely to be elected to class office. Additionally, students from low socioeconomic backgrounds who participate in the arts are five times more likely to graduate high school than those without arts participation (Americans for the Arts, 2013).
  • Students who participate in quality Social and Emotional Learning programs show improved classroom behavior, an increased ability to manage stress and depression, and better attitudes about their schools, themselves, and others (Collaborative for Academic, Social, and Emotional Learning, 2018).
  • Critical thinking skills are correlated with greater academic achievement, career readiness, and improved quality of life (Partnership for 21st Century Learning, 2015).
  • Young people who develop their collaboration skills demonstrate a greater commitment to civic participation, better academic performance in college settings, and more success in the workplace (Partnership for 21st Century Learning, 2015).

Creative Action helps young people develop skills for long-term academic, personal, and career success through high-quality, socially and culturally-relevant arts education programs led by professional Teaching Artists.


All Creative Action programs are designed to help young people develop holistically—blending arts education and youth development. We create dynamic and engaging learning experiences that allow youth to develop measurable creative expression, a commitment to social justice, 21st century skills, and social and emotional skills.

Through our work towards these holistic program outcomes, we help youth discover how to be what we call 4C students — Creative Artists, Courageous Allies, Critical Thinkers, and Confident Leaders. Our concept of a 4C student provides a tangible, age-appropriate way for young people to imagine and explore these program outcomes. We believe that if children can imagine and embody these identities, they will develop the skills they need to thrive. Our goal is whole-child development, and we get there through the arts.

Our approach to whole-child learning involves intentional practice that informs the type of learning environments we create, the instructional practices and educational philosophies we employ, and the content and skills we teach.

Our approach is broken into three pillars that inform where, how, and what we teach:

  • Building Supportive and Safe Learning Environments
  • Employing Student-Centered Instructional Practices
  • Producing Culturally and Socially Responsive Art-Based Curricula


Our supportive, student-centered approach develops what we call “4C” students:

Teach The Arts


Developed creative expression:
Creative and artistic skills
Ability to practice, present, and perform

Practice Social Justice


Increased commitment to social justice:
Stand up for equity
Community responsibility

Build Community


Developed 21st century skills:
Adaptability and flexibility
Emotional intelligence
Problem solving

Social & Emotional Learning


Improved social and emotional skills:
Sense of belonging

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