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As we enter into one year of this pandemic—a time of profound disconnection—our local school communities deserve a safe way to reconnect and maintain a sense of togetherness. As part of the Creative Learning Initiative Spring Season of Arts Partnerships, Creative Action has launched a Wish Tree project, which offers campuses an opportunity for collective wishing as our larger community gradually transitions out of these pandemic conditions. We hope that sharing and celebrating our wishes is a first step towards making many of them real in the days to come.
What it means to bring a wish tree to your campus:

To guide schools through this creative learning experience, Creative Action provides all materials, including supplies and signage, along with two 30-minute asynchronous, grade-level specific lessons that are in both English and Spanish. School community members are then invited to contribute written and drawn representations of their wishes for the future that are hung to a campus tree.

If you are a parent or educator and would like to bring a Wish Tree to your campus, please contact

A brief history about Wish Trees:

In many cultures, wish trees are a place to leave wishes and hopes for the future. One of the most famous ones is in Hong Kong, where people travel from all over the world to leave wishes on its branches. And since the 1990s, Yoko Ono has incorporated wish trees into her art installations in New York City, Wahington D.C., Venice, Paris, London, Argentina, and many other prominent cities.

This project is supported
in part by:
COA Cultural Arts

Special thanks to the keepers of Wish Tree traditions around the world and throughout history, especially Yoko Ono.


We are collecting as many wishes as possible to help grow a better world. Your wish will contribute to the digital Wish Tree that will be shared on our website.

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