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Visit The Upfront Gallery

A Space For Creative Expression


Gallery Hours: Monday - Friday 10 AM - 2 PM

About the Gallery

Established in 2019, The UpFront Gallery sits inside Creative Action and is a dedicated space for emerging local artists to show their work.

UpFront Gallery is a unique and innovative space, run by young and emerging artists and mission driven to support creatives under 30 in Central Texas.

The gallery hosts four rotating exhibitions a year, in addition to our annual Little Big Things vendors market as a part of the Austin Studio Tour.

Upfront Gallery is curated by the members of Chroma Collective and is managed by Chroma member and Lead Gallerist Ripley La Rue.

About the Artists

Many artists featured in the UpFront Gallery are young adult artists from around Central Texas.

Their use of various art mediums—and the creative ways they share their perspective—creates an intimate, inspiring, and reflective space within the gallery.

Upcoming Events

portraits of east austin opening reception


"Portraits of East Austin" celebrates the history of East Austin through intergenerational storytelling. Six young BIPOC artists were selected for this exhibition and were paired with established community members to create a piece based on their memories and experiences living in the East Side.

Please join us for the Portraits of East Austin opening reception on Saturday April 6th from 5pm-8pm at the Creative Action Building! We will have a photo-booth, a video screening room featuring art by Campbell Elementary Journal Journalists, and light bites and refreshments. We look forward to gathering together and hearing stories about what it was like growing up in the East Side.

Artwork by: Eva Davis, Nova Woullard, Kayla Hall, Yunuhen Ruiz Romero, Mars Lee, Itzel Soto-Ferate, and the Lee Lewis Campbell Elementary Media and Performing Arts Arts Institute Junior Journalists team.

Past Exhibitions

Be The Cowboy

Be the Cowboy is an exhibition that celebrates sweet southern queerness.

Gay cowpokes are nothing new! There is a rich history of cowboys and vaqueros that were (not so secretly) fond of each other in the Wild West.

Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home is an exhibition that explores the idea of home.

As the city of Austin changes, some people find new homes here while others experience displacement.

Home Sweet Home asked local artists to contemplate what a home is. Whether it’s a physical place or a feeling, this exhibition examines the concept of home and what it means to folks.

1St Annual Teaching Artist Group Show

The Teaching Artist Group features several of our Teaching Artists creating works across various mediums such as sculpture, photography, and painting.

One such example is “Banana Panties” by Emily Rogowski which explores the idea of embracing the silly and absurd of life, as well as themes of vulnerability.

Texas Beauty

Texas Beauty is an exhibition that showcases the diversity and charm of Texas Wildlife.

From the smallest of critters to the prickliest of pears, we highlight the importance of maintaining healthy and thriving ecosystems here in Texas.

We hope this encourages people to take active roles in preserving and protecting our native flora and fauna.

Meet our Lead Gallerist

Ripley La Rue

Ripley is a lesbian illustrator born and raised in Austin Texas! She makes figurative artwork through a variety of mediums including watercolor and digital art. Her work uses vintage imagery to depict Queer love and challenge gender norms.

Come by the UpFront Gallery and say hello to Ripley, who will tell you all about the gallery and the artwork on display.

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