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School-based programs

Includes interactive classroom performances to teach self-awareness, collaboration, and problem-solving through the arts—and a customized curriculum for sparking creativity

Our School-Based programs provide dynamic, hands-on experiences for Pre-K through 5th-grade students across Central Texas. Each program is taught by professional teaching artists and is designed to support academic, social, and emotional learning.

Programs include interactive classroom performances, multi-year collaborations with schools, professional development for educators, and customized artist-in-residency programs to meet campus needs.

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Programs align with core academic content and social and emotional learning goals

Brave schools | grades: pre-k through 5th

Brave Schools builds inclusive school communities through our immersive, multi-day Interactive Theatre Programs that engage young people in solving real-world problems through role-play, puppetry, song, and movement. Programs are available for grades Pre-K through 5th and are thoughtfully designed to meet the unique needs of each age group. Casts include professional and award-winning artists.

spark schools | CAMPUS PARTNERSHIP

In Spark Schools, we work in deep, multi-year partnerships with select campuses to cultivate joy, belonging, and learning that is personally and culturally relevant through the arts. Programs with campus partners include arts integration collaborations, guest artist visits, after school music production, and community events. We collaborate with each Spark School to co-design a customized suite of Creative Action programs that foster an arts-rich learning environment.

Professional learning

Our professional learning sessions emphasize creative teaching strategies that build community, connection, and capacity for change – in the classroom, and in our educational and work environments. Professional Development is available to schools, teachers and organizations interested in using the arts to activate learning, create community, and facilitate dialogue around critical social issues. Creative Action is an approved provider of Continuing Professional Education credits through the state of Texas.

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Our School-Based team can help you choose the right program for your school and answer any questions. 

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