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Spark Schools

In Spark Schools, we work in deep, multi-year partnerships with select campuses to cultivate joy, belonging, and learning that is personally and culturally relevant through the arts. We collaborate with each Spark School to co-design a customized suite of Creative Action programs that foster an arts-rich learning environment.

We have partnered with Spark School Lee Lewis Campbell Elementary since 2015 to support the campus in becoming Austin ISD’s only Media and Performing Arts Institute. Our current programs there include:

  • Arts Integration Collaborations. Campbell teachers and Creative Action Teaching Artists collaborate to teach academic content through theatre and digital media.
  • Guest Artist Visits. First Friday lunchtime concerts, interactive theatre programs, and more.
  • After School Music Production. Students work with Creative Action Teaching Artists to record an original album, film their own music video, and host a release party.
  • Community Events. Students share their creativity with family, friends, and the community at various events throughout the school year.

Our Impact

Enrollment. 67% of Campbell families surveyed in 2018-19 agreed that Creative Action programs are an important reason or the main reason why they’ve chosen to send their children to Campbell.

Staff Retention. Staff retention rates have increased from 25% to 90%. When surveyed about what makes Campbell a good place to work and learn, staff routinely credit the Creative Action partnership.

Student Engagement. 81.7% of students surveyed in 2017-18 agreed that Creative Action makes learning fun.

Social Emotional Learning. In 2017-18, there was a 114.3% increase in 5th Grade students believing they can master the hardest topics in their classes.  There was a 26.6% increase in 5th grade students caring about others peoples’ feelings, and a 28.1% increase in K-4th grade students demonstrating social awareness skills often or almost all the time.

Academic Achievement. 5th Grade Science STAAR Test scores rose 35% from 2016-17 to 2017-18 after an intensive Creative Action arts integration collaboration focused on Science.


Interested in learning more about Campbell Elementary? Please visit their website at They are currently accepting transfer applications from all local school districts.

Interested in becoming a Spark School?  Please email us at

“After I opened my mind and my heart to this way of teaching, I saw that it really works. It helps us reach students in a different way. Students who struggle with traditional teaching really connect with arts integration.”

Jeanine Doyle, 3rd Grade Teacher at Lee Lewis Campbell Elementary Media & Performing Arts Institute

“Me and my kids enjoyed everything that y'all are doing for these kids. It helps them become what they would like to be in the future. ”

Parent, Lee Lewis Campbell Elementary Media & Performing Arts Institute

"What Creative Action brings to Campbell Elementary is access to a new type of learning, which allows my young scholars to go further, dream bigger, and learn more than they would have otherwise."

Principle Moore, Lee Lewis Campbell Elementary Media & Performing Arts Institute

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