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There continues to be much discussion of student “learning loss” during the pandemic. “Learning loss” is important to acknowledge and address, but we cannot work to make up lost ground without also acknowledging the many other kinds of losses young people, their families, and the entire school community have experienced during the pandemic.  All losses, big or small, deserve to be recognized. 


Young people and other school community members also found moments of joy or found creative ways of simply being during the pandemic. There is much to grieve, but also some important lessons learned that we should honor, remember, and even celebrate.

How Lost & Found Takes Shape on Campuses

Our Lost & Found project offers a way to make space on school campuses where we can acknowledge the important things we have lost and found. These thoughts are on so many of our minds as we return to school in-person, but it can be hard to know how to talk about them. This is an anonymous, trauma-informed, creative, and even beautiful way to do so.

To host Lost & Found on your campus, Creative Action will create an outdoor art installation on a fence or gate on your school grounds. We then invite school community members to contribute by writing or drawing about what they have lost, and what they have found.

This project is also a safe and accessible way to foster connection during a time when it is still challenging to safely gather as a whole school community.

What’s included:

  • All supplies, outdoor signs, and electronic communication about the project;
  • Installation of signs and everything needed outdoors, delivery of supplies to the campus, photos of the installation, and help with any major maintenance; and
  • Two sets (PreK-3rd, 3rd grade and up) of brief, pre-recorded asynchronous and trauma-informed lessons in English and Spanish that guide students through the process of thinking about what they have lost and what they have found – literally and metaphorically.

Find out more details in our Lost & Found presentation or email

This project is supported
in part by:
COA Cultural Arts

Supported in part by the Cultural Arts Division of The City of Austin Economic Development Department, the Texas Commission on the Arts, and the Creative Learning Initiative.

Special thanks to Andrea Jones and Rebecca A. Adelman, whose Lost & Found projects (in Maryland and online) inspired this one.

Check out last year’s outdoor art installation called Wish Trees.

Lost & Found Photo Gallery

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