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Brave Schools

Brave Schools builds inclusive school communities through our immersive, multi-day Interactive Theatre Programs that engage young people in solving real-world problems through role-play, puppetry, song, and movement.

Our Brave Schools Programs include:

Singing our World

1 Session | 45 Minutes | Available Sept – April

In this lively singalong program students explore feelings and build community through music, story, and movement. Interactive and fun, your students will want to get up and dance along!  Songs and stories are in English, but the music and dancing transcend language.

About: Students help Wembley the Worm adjust to his new school surroundings by learning how to name feelings, self-regulate, make friends, and handle big emotions.

Welcome Armadillo, Somos Comunidad

5 Sessions | 1 Hour Each | Available January – May | English-Spanish Bilingual Sessions

In this bilingual program (English/Spanish) students journey into an animal sanctuary to meet Jacki the jackrabbit, Henri the hen, and Armando the armadillo, and help them learn to be friends, how to recover from accidents and mistakes, and how to help others feel like they belong in our communities.

Outcomes: This program focuses on the social-emotional skills of identifying and naming feelings, making friends, and repairing harm when accidents and mistakes happen.

The Heroes / Los Héroes

5 Sessions | 1 Hour Each | Available October – April | English-Spanish Bilingual Sessions

About: In this interactive, bilingual performance, Teaching Artists use role-play, puppetry, song, movement, and games to teach a 4-step conflict resolution process. Students join Sam the Salamander as he sets off on a journey from Barton Springs to Costa Rica to Mt. Kilimanjaro to discover the four steps to peace.

Outcomes: Students gain social and emotional skills by learning: a 4-step conflict resolution process; to identify, manage, and respectfully respond to their own and others’ emotions.

TEKS Addressed: Science, Social Studies, Health Education

Access The Heroes/Los Heroés accompanying album here.

Creating Community

3 Sessions | 1 Hour Each | Available September – April

In this three-day series, Teaching Artists use theatre games and creative activities to build connection, community, and belonging as students come back together in the classroom. 

Outcomes: Focuses on social-emotional skills of collaboration, appreciating difference, and understanding how to support and care for others; uses theatre games and creative activities to build connection, community, and belonging

Program in the works! Do YOU want a 3rd grade program this year?  Let us know!

The Courage to Stand

5 Sessions | 1 Hour Each | Available September – April

About: By exploring historical acts of courage, including moments from the Holocaust and the Civil Rights Movement, students learn to examine the choices, risks, and consequences of intervening to help the target in a bullying situation. This interactive performance teaches young people to creatively investigate the idea of courage and how to act as a “courageous bystander.”

Outcomes: Students learn how to safely intervene in a bullying situation and act as a “courageous bystander” while developing social studies, literacy, and social emotional skills, including healthy risk taking, listening, communication, critical thinking, empathy, and leadership.

TEKS Addressed: Art, Language Arts, Social Studies, Interpersonal Skills

Themes & Skills: Anti-Bullying, Conflict Resolution, Empathy, Responsible Decision-Making

Note: For 2022-23, this program will tour to BOTH 4th and 5th grades, because it has not toured to classrooms for 2 years.  The 5th-grade program, Courage in Action, will return in Fall 2023!

Classroom Programs for Middle and High School:

Artists in Action Residencies are planned in collaboration with school leaders and youth. Students explore a relevant social issue, create original art, and share their work with a broader audience to inspire change. Previous projects include original songs, photo series, and/or poems in Government, Human Geography, AVID, PALS, Health, and English Language Arts classes. (2-12 sessions, session length depends on school schedules)

Additional Learning Opportunities:

Adult Learning:

We offer various opportunities for teachers, educators, caregivers and parents to engage in interactive and inquiry-based learning with Creative Action. We offer workshops and professional learning for adults with the goal of supporting young people in lifting their voices, discussing complex and challenging issues, and becoming critical thinkers, creative artists, courageous allies and confident leaders in our world. The following workshops are a great fit for a Parent-Teacher Association meeting or a community workshop.

Family Workshops and Coffees:

  • Family coffees
    • offered in combination with specific classrooms programs to share SEL goals, and program content that families can carry home, 1 session, 45 minutes
    • Booked in combination with each Brave Schools grade-level program 
  • Family Workshops
    • Workshops are offered to explore content related to classroom programs through an interactive format. Available Sept – May, in-person or over zoom.  Perfect to combine with a PTA meeting. Topics available: 
      • Raising Courageous Bystanders 
      • Conflict Resolution, Introducing the Four Steps to Peace
      • How to Apologize, a Family-Friendly Framework
      • Helping Young People Understand Consent
      • Talking to Young People About Race, Part I 
      • Talking to Young People About Race, Part II

Click Here For Professional Learning

Participating Schools

“It gave all my students a way to understand and express what’s happening (and support as allies). It empowered students to see something awful happen and then role play to learn more and help solve it!”

– Lamar Middle School Teacher about Crossing the Line

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