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Brave Schools

Brave Schools is an arts-based initiative that helps schools build an inclusive campus culture where all students, faculty, and parents feel connected, safe, and inspired to support social and emotional learning. Each Brave School receives year-round professional development for faculty and staff, 5-day interactive performance residencies for participating grades, parent workshops, access to free family events, and supplemental resources including extension curriculum and take-home informational materials that help connect in-school social emotional development to academics and family life.

Our highly successful, multi-day, interactive performance residencies, the core of our Brave School programming, use theatre and dialogue activities in Pre-K through 7th grade classrooms to activate social and emotional development, creative thinking, and problem-solving skills.

Learn more about the Brave School program and the details of participation here.

If you’re interested in bringing the Brave Schools program to your school, please contact or complete the form to the right. We can also work with you to provide a customized program that meets your school’s needs.

Educators, learn more about Brave Schools by completing the form below.


Participating Brave Schools receive access to the following exclusive events. Learn more and RSVP by clicking on the event.

Free family events:
Kids’ Ball at Central Market
October 27, 2018

Friend Fest at Central Market
February 9, 2019

Community Art Sunday
March 3, 2019

Community Art Sunday
April 14, 2019

Youth Arts Fest
May 11, 2019

For educators and administrators:
Educator Appreciation Happy Hour
April 3, 2019

Professional Development Workshops

For upcoming workshops concerning bullying, bias in the classroom, rituals and routines, creative teaching strategies, and making murals and parades in your classroom, please visit this page.

For parents: (childcare and pizza provided)
Creatively Connecting with your Child and Increasing Cooperation (South location)
November 27, 2019, 5:30 – 7 pm

Creatively Connecting with your Child and Increasing Cooperation (North location)
November 28, 2018, 5:30 – 7 pm

Stay tuned for future workshops in the 2019 – 2020 school year.

Participating Schools

Schools will continue to be added throughout the school year as more join our program.

Austin ISD: 
Barrington Elementary
Becker Elementary
Brentwood Elementary
Clayton Elementary
Cunningham Elementary
Doss Elementary
Hill Elementary
Lee Lewis Campbell Media & Performing Arts Institute
Maplewood Elementary
Mills Elementary
Palm Elementary
Perez Elementary
Ridgetop Elementary

Rodriguez Elementary
Sunset Valley Elementary
Widén Elementary

Rawson Saunders School

Del Valle ISD:
Gilbert Elementary
Newton Collins Elementary

Eanes ISD:
Valley View Elementary
Barton Creek Elementary

Manor ISD:
Decker Elementary
Lagos Elementary
Oak Meadows Elementary
Pioneer Crossing Elementary

Wembley’s New Friends

Grades Pre-K | 25 Students Max  |  5 One-Hour Sessions

Outcomes: Students gain self-awareness, problem-solving skills, creative thinking strategies, a respect for diversity, and an excitement for reading.

About: Students help Wembley the Worm adjust to his new school surroundings by learning how to name feelings, self-regulate, make friends, and handle big emotions.

Welcome Armadillo, Somos Comunidad

Grade: Kindergarten | 25 Students Max  |  5  One-Hour, English-Spanish Bilingual Sessions

Outcomes: Students learn social emotional skills like self-awareness, self-management, and relationship skills.

About: Music, puppetry, and performance are used to spark imaginations as we journey into an animal sanctuary to make new friends.

The Heroes / Los Héroes

Grades 1st | 15-25 Students  |  5  One-Hour, English-Spanish Bilingual Sessions

Outcomes: Students gain social and emotional skills by learning: a four-step conflict resolution process; to identify, manage, and respectfully respond to their own and others’ emotions.

TEKS Addressed
  • Science
  • Social Studies
  • Health Education

About: In this interactive, bilingual performance, Teaching Artists use role-play, puppetry, song, movement, and games to teach a four-step conflict resolution process. Students join Sam the Salamander as he sets off on a journey from Barton Springs to Costa Rica to Mt. Kilimanjaro to discover the four steps to peace.

Access The Heroes/Los Heroés accompanying album here.

A Pirate Friendship

Grades 2nd | 15-25 Students Per Classroom  |  5 One-Hour Sessions

Outcomes: Students improve their literacy skills and gain enthusiasm for reading through an interactive, theatre-based adventure; teachers learn new tools for teaching literacy.

TEKS Addressed
  • English / Language Arts
  • Reading
Themes and Skills
  • Celebrating Differences
  • Critical Thinking
  • Cultural Respect
  • Diversity

About: Students help pirate clans learn how to get along with those who are different. Students strengthen literacy skills using the book The Secret Footprints as they explore how to listen, respect various perspectives, and help friends.

Turn the World Around

Grades 3rd | 15-25 Students Per Classroom  |  5 One-Hour Sessions

Outcomes: Students improve their literacy skills and gain enthusiasm for reading through an interactive, theatre-based adventure; teachers learn new tools for teaching literacy.

TEKS Addressed
  • English / Language Arts
  • Reading
Themes and Skills
  • Celebrating Differences
  • Critical Thinking
  • Cultural Respect
  • Diversity

About: Critical thinking and creative problem solving are employed as students dive into the book, The Araboolies of Liberty Street. Using their creativity, they work together to save the future by focusing on being brave and using teamwork.

The Courage to Stand

Grades 4th | 15-25 Students  |  5 One-Hour Sessions

This program is generously supported by Hank and Yvette Farrell.

Outcomes: Students learn how to safely intervene in a bullying situation and act as a “courageous bystander” while developing social studies, literacy, and social emotional skills, including healthy risk taking, listening, communication, critical thinking, empathy, and leadership.

  • Art
  • Language Arts
  • Social Studies
  • Interpersonal Skills
Themes and Skills
  • Anti-Bullying
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Empathy
  • Responsible Decision-Making

About: By exploring historical acts of courage, including moments from the Holocaust and the Civil Rights Movement, students learn to examine the choices, risks, and consequences of intervening to help the target in a bullying situation. This interactive performance aligned with social studies, language arts, and fine arts curricula teaches young people to creatively investigate the idea of courage and how to act as a “courageous bystander.”

Courage in Action

Grades 5th | Up to 30 Students  |  5 One-Hour Sessions

Outcomes: Students gain the knowledge, skills, and confidence to be allies and leaders in their communities by learning how to verbalize when they recognize a problem, resolve conflicts positively, and educate their peers about issues they face.

Teks Addressed
  • Supplement to General Health Curriculum
  • Social Studies
  • Language Arts
  • Interpersonal Skills
Themes and Skills
  • Social & Emotional Learning
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Leadership
  • Responsible Decision Making
  • Cooperation

About: Students discover that they have the power to create positive change in their community through this interactive performance aligned with the social studies, language arts, and general health curricula. By exploring activism through the story of civil rights leader César Chávez, students learn what it means to be a confident leader and how they can use leadership skills to address present-day issues they identify in their community.

Crossing the Line

Grades 6th-7th | 25 Students  |  5 One-Hour Sessions

Outcomes: Students develop important social and emotional skills, such as responsible decision-making, self awareness, and empathy, as they prepare to enter high school. Youth learn about bullying, sexual harassment, healthy vs. unhealthy relationships, boundaries and consent, gender roles and stereotypes, and how to be a courageous bystander.

TEKS Addressed
  • Supplement to General Health Curriculum
Themes and Skills
  • Cyberbullying and social media
  • Boundaries
  • Consent
  • Responsible Decision Making
  • Relationship Skills

About: Through interactive theatre and dialogue, students define boundaries, consent, permission, and sexual harassment while rehearsing ways to be an ally to a peer. Students experience the complicated world of middle school conflicts through the eyes of four 7th grade characters. Developed with the UT School of Nursing, the program examines harassment and bullying through social media as well as in-person, and is aligned with the general health curriculum.

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