"I believe The Courage to Stand has greatly helped Palm Elementary be part of a school climate that is safe and respectful by decreasing bullying, and by teaching them to be courageous bystanders."

Patricia Aliperti, M.Ed., M.A., Palm Elementary Counselor

The Courage to Stand

Grades 4th-5th | 15-25 Students  |  5 One-Hour Sessions (Including a Follow-Up)

Challenge students to look at the problem of bullying in a fresh, new way. By exploring acts of courage throughout history, including moments from the Holocaust and the Civil Rights Era, students learn to examine the choices, risks, and consequences of intervening to help the target in a bullying situation. This interactive performance teaches young people to creatively investigate the idea of courage – what it is, and how to act as a “courageous bystander.” Throughout the program students get a chance to practice real-life solutions and strategies to ending bullying on their school campus.

Goals & Outcomes


To explore the role of the “bystander” in a bullying situation

After the Courage To Stand program, students will:
  • Engage in theatrical programming that encourages creative learning and literacy
  • Participate in dialogue and action about common social and historical problems, like bullying and violence
  • Employ the arts as a means of healthy risk, honest communication, and a space for creativity
  • Report they are able to educate their peers about the issues they face
  • Report that youth are not defined by their battles or their mistakes, but rather by how they rise to times of tough social challenge

What will your students learn?

TEKS Addressed
  • Art
  • Language Arts
  • Social Studies
  • Interpersonal Skills
Themes and Skills
  • Anti-Bullying
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Diversity
  • Leadership
  • Social & Emotional Literacy
  • Social Justice
  • Historical Concepts
  • Critical Thinking