Artist in Residency

Grades Pre-K-5th | 4-25, 1 hour sessions

Creative Action Teaching Artists partner with a classroom teacher(s) to create and implement an arts based project to deepen learning across the curriculum. With a customizable range of 4 to 25 one‑hour sessions, this program provides a hands-on, creative way for students to explore and share content. The Artists in Residency program can be applied across multiple subject and content areas and incorporate various artistic mediums, such as theatre, film, writing, and visual art.

As part of the Artist in Residency program, New World Kids is an innovative suite of programs offered in partnership with The Foundry. Classes help children explore new ways of understanding the world around them, invent in many mediums, and think across disciplines. Parents also have the opportunity to learn about the particular “sensory strengths” that will help their children to learn and grow.