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Social Creativity

Social Creativity is a 9-month recreational arts class for transitioning youth (ages 17 – 26) with mild/moderate autism. We provide an inclusive environment for neurodiverse youth to foster creative self-expression, social skills, vocational skills, and a sense of community belonging. Through arts-based classes and social outings, we maintain a positive, fun, and supportive community of friends!

Our group takes a multidisciplinary approach that incorporates art, drama, digital media, creative writing, and music, and bases our projects and activities on questions of participant interest. Activities range from choreographed dances, comic books, ceramics, virtual reality, and radio podcasts to video game tournaments, animations, graffiti, horseback riding, and rap.

Beginning the fall 2018, Social Creativity will begin to offer an increased focus on self-advocacy and vocational skills.

Here’s what our participants are saying:

“I can express my ideas better because I have so many ideas that I want to share and for others to weigh in on if they’re interested.”

“Because of this class, I have made friends that I have gotten to know a lot.”

“At Creative Action, I can speak my mind freely without running the risk of being judged.”

Or listen to what they have to say for themselves, via radio stories and music playlists the group created.

Here’s what parents are saying:

“Having social, mentor-supported time with peers is invaluable.  Increasing [my son’s] ability and opportunities to start to develop some personal relationships is critical for him, and the social get-togethers have been great for that.”

“I most value the opportunity Social Creativity provides for my son to step in to new experiences in a safe, nurturing environment”.

“Thank you for what you are doing for these great young adults with autism.  [My son] truly enjoyed going to your class.”

Social Creativity spots are limited, and interested participants must complete an application to be considered. Please email for more information.
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