Social Creativity 

Social Creativity is a free, 9-month recreational arts class for transitioning youth (ages 17 – 25) with Asperger’s or mild to moderate autism. Adding a creative lens to a social and life-skills class, Social Creativity explores themes like perspective-taking, goal-setting, creative blocks, self-talk, healthy communication, relationships, and mindfulness through creative engagement. Participants have opportunities to develop in their self-expression, social skills, and feeling of belonging/community. It’s a fun and supportive community of friends!

The group takes a multidisciplinary approach (art, drama, film, creative writing, and music), and bases their explorations on the questions and interests of the participants. With assistance from staff and neuro-typical peer mentors, the class achieves a 2/3:1 ratio for participants on the spectrum.

Program Series:

Classes are on Wednesday evenings from 6:30 – 8:30 pm at the Center for Creative Action. Spots are limited, and interested participants must complete an application to be considered. Please email for more information.

Project Examples:

Program Outcomes:


  • 80%  agreed that their child is learning new skills
  • 80% agreed that their child enjoys the program
  • 100% agreed that their child feels safe in the program
  • 80% agreed that their child is benefiting from the program socially
  • 100% agreed that the staff show patience and care for their children
  • 100% agreed that staff have kept them well-informed about the program
  • 100% agreed that they would recommend the program to others


Participants were asked about whether they felt their initial goals and expectations of the group were met.

All participants felt they had:Most participants felt they had:

  • made FRIENDS
  • had FUN
  • felt RESPECTED
  • eaten FOOD
  • enjoyed some LAUGHS

  • gained EXPERIENCE
  • engaged in STORYTELLING
  • learned NEW DANCE MOVES
  • experienced a SAFE SPACE
  • experienced APPROPRIATENESS from the group
  • been (more) UNDERSTOOD by the group
  • been ACCEPTED by the group