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Creative Action is bringing its 3rd annual art installation to campuses throughout Central Texas, and you’re invited to participate! 

The theme, A Murmuration: What Lifts Us Up?, provides an opportunity for students to reflect on what inspires us, connects us, and helps us to soar. This indoor, community-centered art project provides every student with the space to self-reflect, increase self-awareness, and feel a deeper sense of belonging. 

If you want to provide a unique and fun opportunity to engage your students in a collective art project, register today.

“Everyone has absolutely loved it! It’s fun and colorful and hopeful, which is what everyone needed now.” 

Art Teacher Sunset Valley ES (Past Installation Participant)

What is a murmuration?

While you may be familiar with the V formation often seen by geese, a murmuration occurs when Starlings flock together for warmth and protection. They respond to the slightest movements as they soar in unison in a coordinated pattern in the sky.

These movements, often called a sky ballet, cause wonder and awe when we witness them. It is believed that a murmuration acts as an invitation to other starlings to join them and share in their body heat.

The image of the starlings moving together in unison is simply majestic.

About The interactive Art INstallation

This year, the theme murmuration is inspired by the ways in which we need one another, support one another and soar together. While we each are unique, we are brought closer together by the things that lift us up. 

Students and other participants will be encouraged to reflect on several prompts, and will then share their responses by writing or drawing on a paper starling. That paper starling will be hung up along with other paper starlings, and the end result will be a unique murmuration filled with thoughts and ideas centered around things that uplift us. 

How “A Murmuration: What lifts us up” will look on your campus 

To host a Murmuration at your school: Creative Action will coordinate with a contact on your campus to plan the installation and supply your students and staff with paper starlings. Each person on campus is invited to reflect on the prompt “What lifts us up?” and then write or draw their own unique response. 

The Campus Lead will receive a guide on how to put the pieces together and how to complete and hang the murmuration. They will also have the option to  schedule a visit from Creative Action staff, who will help string together the paper starlings into a beautiful murmuration. 

Here is what's included...

  • All supplies, signs, and electronic communication about the project
  • Delivery of supplies to your campus
  • A guide to putting the pieces together to create your own unique murmuration, which will hang in your school
  • An optional visit to help hang the installation in case you need additional support
  • Two sets (PreK-2, 3rd grade and up) of brief, SEL-focused, arts-based lessons in English and Spanish that guide students through the process of writing or drawing a meaningful response to the prompt(s) what lifts me up and what inspires me to soar? 
  • Everything needed to direct your campus community indoors to the final location of the installation

If you are a parent or educator and have questions around bringing a Murmuration to your campus, 

please contact

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