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3rd Party events

Creative Action partners with organizations hosting third-party events that allow for donations, awareness, or aid for our cause. We welcome and greatly appreciate requests from individuals, organizations, and corporations to host benefits, special events or donation drives on behalf of Creative Action.

The following guidelines have been developed to protect both the third-party organization and Creative Action. We request a 2-weeks advance notice of your event to allow for proper preparation and support from us for the event.

If you’re interested in hosting an event and agree to the guidelines below, please contact for more information!


  1. Creative Action will not finance any expenses related to a hosted community event or assume responsibility for any debts incurred.
  2. Any use of Creative Action’s logo or inclusion of the Creative Action name in any/all event promotion must be approved by Creative Action. In addition, ALL publicity and/or promotional materials referencing Creative Action involvement must be approved well in advance of the event.
  3. Third party is responsible for event coordination, marketing/promotion, and sales. Creative Action will aid with this responsibility.
  4. Third party is responsible for complying with all applicable local, state, and federal regulations regarding a charitable event. Creative Action will aid with the process to benefit both parties.
  5. Third party agrees to coordinate with and request permission from Creative Action before soliciting any individuals, organizations or businesses in order to avoid redundant efforts.
  6. Third party must state the terms of the donation that Creative Action can expect from the event (example: 5% profits for a 3 hour period, one-time donation of $1,000, or all proceeds from the bowling event) and let Creative Action know when the donation will be received.
  7. A donation solicited on our behalf, whether a donation is an item or cash, is fully tax-deductible only when it is made directly and entirely to Creative Action. Information on the amount and the purpose of the donation must be made explicit during the promotion by both parties before there is an event. This will ensure proper reporting to the IRS leading to proper funding and correct processes in the documentation.
  8. When a portion of the ticket price or a suggested donation from a participant of the host’s event is not tax-deductible, the third party must clearly state this on all materials as well as on the agreement form.
  9. Creative Action’s promotion of a third party event will have priority of our mission as a non-profit first. However, we will promote and advocate the third party as we see fit.
  10. Creative Action requires advance notice on want of a Creative Action representative at the third party event. Creative Action cannot promise a representative at the third party event as it is on an availability basis.
  11. Creative Action reserves the right to cancel any event that does not follow the morals and beliefs of our mission.
  12. Events and partnerships with Creative Action will indiscriminately be selected on an individual basis. Factors include the availability of Creative Action, scheduling conflicts, opportunities for promotion, state of the partner, and potential for further partnerships.

These guidelines are written to improve the success of events both for Creative Action and for the third party organization. We thoroughly encourage organizations to apply for partnerships as our organization consistently has positive experiences through third-party events which lead to long term relationships that are beneficial for both groups.

A partnership with a local business means an opportunity for a better community. Creative Action wishes the best to you and your endeavors and hopes to partner with you soon.

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