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creative saturdays

High quality art classes taught by professional teaching artists.

Classes are at creative action

Creative Action’s award-winning art programs will now be offered as 8-week classes designed to support students in developing self-awareness, confidence, and creativity.

 Beginning Spring 2024, students ages 5-14 can work alongside professional teaching artists to strengthen their artistic skills, broaden their creative outlets, and express themselves through various artistic methods. 

For the month of October ONLY, your young artist has the opportunity to sample our classes for FREE! Every Saturday beginning October 7th, we will host a demonstration of each of our 8 week classes to give you and your child an idea of what to expect in the Spring. Spots are limited and we recommend you register today to reserve your spot. See the full schedule of classes below. 

Free demo class schedule

Each free class is a sample of the 8-week classes that begin in spring 2024.

October 7th | Theme: comics

5-7 Years Old | Color Cartoons | 10-11 AM | Teaching Artist: Dustin Barclay

8-10 Years Old | Motion Comics | 11:15-12:45 PM | Teaching Artist: Dustin Barclay

11-14 Years Old | Anime Academy | 1 – 2:30 PM | Teaching Artist: Dustin Barclay

October 14th | Theme: musica y arte

5-7 Years Old | Musica del Mundo | 10-11 AM | Teaching Artist: Freddy Carnes

8-10 Years Old | Arte del Mundo | 11:15-12:45 PM | Teaching Artist: Sarah de Villiers

11-14 Years Old | Ceramics & Sculpture | 1 – 2:30 PM | Teaching Artist: Sarah de Villiers

October 21st | Theme: Filmmaking

5-7 Years Old | Music Videos | 10-11 AM | Teaching Artist: Gustavo Bernal

8-10 Years Old | Forward Filmmaking | 11:15-12:45 PM | Teaching Artist: Gustavo Bernal

11-14 Years Old | Pro Phone Filmer | 1 – 2:30 PM | Teaching Artist: Gustavo Bernal

October 28th | Theme: Photography

5-7 Years Old | Camera Magic | 10-11 AM | Teaching Artist: Faustinus Dereat

8-10 Years Old | Diverse Perspectives | 11:15-12:45 PM | Teaching Artist: Faustinus Dereat

11-14 Years Old | See It Your Way | 1 – 2:30 PM | Teaching Artist: Faustinus Dereat

Class descriptions

Musica Del Mundo: Explore Songs and stories from around the world. 

Arte del Mundo: Journey across our world and learn traditional artmaking techniques! Piñatas, masks, papel picado, alebrijes and weaving are just a few of the textile projects offered. 

Ceramics & Sculpture: Create fiber art, paper mache, sculpture and advanced ceramic techniques. Make a mess alongside professionals and showcase your art in the interactive gallery for friends and family!

Color Cartoons: Explore the surprising world of Flipbook Animation.

Motion Comics: Explore motion storyboards, character design, character turn-arounds, action poses, thumbnailing, layout & composition, coloring, and traditional animation.

Anime Academy: Explore anime loops, cinematography, aspect ratios, key frames, in-betweens, and software animation.

Camera Magic: Explore the world of photography through hands-on camera experimentation. 

Diverse Perspectives: Explore artistic ways to create images and stories alongside our Professional Teaching Artists. Use our cameras or bring your own!

See It Your Way: Discover your knack for storytelling through the lens of the camera. Find your approach, master your equipment and produce your portfolio. 

Music Videos: Put your favorite stories to music! Learn to work together to produce your own music video alongside our Professional Teaching Artists. Come lip-sync, dance and tell stories.

Forward Filmmaking: Dive deep into the world of cinema and learn to produce your own movie. Work together alongside our Professional Teaching Artists and discover your passion for film production. 

Pro Phone Filmer: Bring your device to learn how to produce your own videos with a professional look. Work alongside our Professional Teaching Artists to discover stories at your fingertips. 

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