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What Does Hope Look Like? | Alamo Rec Center Art Installation
What Does Hope Look Like? | Alamo Rec Center Art Installation
January 11, 2021

What Does Hope Look Like? | Alamo Rec Center Art Installation

Displayed outside the Alamo Rec Center is the ‘What Does Hope Look Like?’ art installation. This piece features the thoughts, artistry, and decor of our Continuing Creativity class and Creative Action staff (and their children). Meaning this display represents artists from ages 5 – 90!

For weeks, Associate Director of Community Engagement, Christie Jean-Jacques, safely provided supplies to students during their weekly Meals on Wheels pickups. Class members could then work independently on their letters and visual art pieces, responding to the prompt ‘What Does Hope Look Like?’.  Answers include:

  • “Hope looks like a new baby great-granddaughter (named Wynter!) born on your birthday.”
  • “Hope is everyone getting the vaccine this new year.”
  • “Hope is seeing my friends again.”
  • “Hope is traveling to family in Georgia next year.”
  • “Hope is liking and trusting my doctors. I was really sick and now I am walking all the way down the block without my walker.”
  • “Hope looks like freshly baked pecan pie.”
  • ”Hope is the ability to live another year.”

Members of the center and neighboring community have enjoyed the art wall, noting that it fuels optimism and inspires thought and, of course, hope.

Continuing Creativity supports lifelong learning and creativity through arts-based classes for adults ages 65+. Participants engage in creative writing, storytelling, visual art, creative movement, and community-building activities that promote social, physical, and cognitive health.

Please feel free to stop by and take in the beautiful work from these artists! And stay tuned for information on future installations.

Click here to learn more about Continuing Creativity.

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