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The Universal Declaration Of Children’s Rights, As Told By Students

The Universal Declaration of Children’s Rights, As Told by Students

What kind of human rights are inalienable to the littlest among us?

That’s the question Creative Action students at Gullett Elementary tackled this semester, eventually coming up with a lengthy list of rights they believe every child should be afforded. 

Students were inspired to come up with the list after Teaching Artist Rebecca Mauldin read them snippets of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights drafted by the United Nations.

Following a semester of learning about friendliness and respect, the rights the young leaders came up with echo values we can all get behind (like the right to have a spaceship).

The universal children’s rights, as declared by Gullett Elementary students, are as follows:

Everybody should make art.

All kids should have yummy food.

All kids should go to the doctor’s office if they’re sick or if they’re cold.

All the kids need to have shoes.

All kids deserve to be treated fairly.

All kids need hugs.

All kids should be listened to.

Every kid in the world should have books.

All kids need cups so they can drink.

All kids should be able to play.

Kids should have friends and harmony.

All kids deserve to have a snack.

Kids should be treated nicely and fairly.

Everyone has to have a place to have a better world.

All kids deserve to have a family.

All kids should have pajamas and costumes.

All kids deserve food and water.

All kids should have the right to have homes.

All kids should have a playground.

All children need toys.

No kid should be kidnapped.

All kids should have clothes.

All kids will have some toys from the toy store.

All kids deserve to be scientists.

Kids will be treated with respect.

All kids deserve to be treated kindly.

Everyone should have a place to be respected.

No kid should be bullied.

Kids should not be homeless and sad.

All kids deserve to be happy.

Every kid in the world deserves to have a spaceship.

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