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The Bug Challenge
The Bug Challenge
May 4, 2020

The Bug Challenge

My daughter and I were noticing all the bugs outside and inside our home. We found a lot of interesting insects! Check out the ones we took pictures of! How many bugs can you take pictures of and name…

Here is a caterpillar we found on the front porch. We found out that caterpillars…

  • Eat plants
  • Turn into butterflies or moths
  • Have 12 eyes
  • Have 4000 muscles!

And when we were playing outside we found a moth way up high. I had to lift Lucciana up to see it.

We found out that:

  • Moths only live for about a year
  • Some moths don’t have mouths
  • Most moths only come out at night
  • There are over 160,000 different kinds of moths!

This next picture we took while going on our walk. It’s a beetle! We talked about how we can take pictures of insects but we don’t want to disturb them so we can’t touch them.

We found out that:

  • Adult beetles have two sets of wings.
  • Most adult beetles have body armor to protect from predators.
  • Some beetles can glow in the dark!

The last bug we found on the front porch was kind of scary…It’s a wheel bug.

We found out that:

  • Wheel bugs are also called assassin bugs.
  • Wheel bugs have painful bites.
  • They are predators to pests and help gardens grow.
  • Wheel bugs are very shy.
wheel bug
Stay curious everyone!
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