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Creative Action Together Zoom Class
A Successful First Week of Creative Action Together
August 31, 2020

A Successful First Week of Creative Action Together

The first week of Creative Action Together was a ride for us all!

While Ridgetop Elementary students participated in scavenger hunts and games with Mr. Curly Fries, Brentwood Elementary’s class enjoyed Site Coordinator Ryan’s ongoing roleplaying game, Hero School. Students in Hero School used magical powers to conjure up their own mythical creatures like half turtles, a half pegasus, and even a dragon butterfly!

Also keeping busy, the kids at Maplewood Elementary enjoyed making up characters while they explored Creatability. With their instructor, Laura, these young artists danced around and made up stories using the Pixar story structure. Their tale involved an amazing Caticorn and a mixed-up rainbow in danger of turning different colors at the hands of a witch! 

Blanton Elementary’s facilitator, Themmi, reports that her class spent time conceiving and completing two original songs. They also made tons of art and danced around to their song of the week, Twist and Shout. Her students openly expressed their excitement, with one proclaiming that they were “100% happy.” We were too!

Looking back at the first week of Creative Action Together (and going into the second), it’s thrilling to see this community up and running in a virtual space. While our in-person programs focus on local youth, CA Together gives us the opportunity to bring award-winning programs and professionally trained teaching artists to students across the country. If you’d like to sign your child up for virtual arts enrichment, you can do so here.



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