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See Changing Lives Ensembles’ Final Performance

The Creative Action youth ensemble, Changing Lives, will have its final performance of the school year on May 21 at 7 p.m.

Everyone is welcome but families with teens will relate to the work of these talented young people the most.

If you attended our Big Hair Country Fair in March, then you’ll remember their stirring and enlightening performance. That was just a sliver of the entire performance you’ll see on May 21. Come hear these young artists perform the play they wrote, produced and created.

LEARN MORE about the Changing Lives program.

Finding yourself in the digital age isn’t always easy. Media and pop culture are full of confusing messages that tell us who we should be, how to dress, what to buy and what to think. In a vortex of all this information, how can we discover the person we want to be? How can we navigate these messages and stay true to ourselves? How can we learn how to function in our relationships? How can we take responsibility and do what’s right, for ourselves and our peers?

Young artists will perform work they created and explore issues around the media and pop culture.

Final Performance of the Changing Lives Youth Theatre Ensemble
Tuesday, May 21
7:30 – 9 p.m.
Salvage Vanguard Theatre
2803 Manor Rd, Austin 78722
Tickets are free! RSVP to help us get a count.

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