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Quotes from students and teachers!

“The services you provide are awesome because you take a very hard concept and you use acting, songs & friendly heroes to bring the info to their levels of understanding. Thank you! & Great Job! Fantastico!” -1st grade Teacher, Becker Elementary

“The program does a great job of introducing concepts about bullying to the students. The part I like the best, is providing the students with tools to help them deal with bullying in the future.” – 4th grade teacher, Forest Trail Elementary

“I felt the program was very valuable and beneficial to my 5th graders. As an educator I really appreciate the support and reinforcement from a talented, knowledgeable outside source.” -5th grade teacher, Holy Family Catholic School

“Watching children have the opportunity to express themselves creatively and begin to develop group identity/consciousness is what I like most about working with Theatre Action Project.”- TAP After School Campus Program Specialist

“Great program. Truly enjoyed the message taught and the manner in which it was taught. Gestures, rhythms, melodies all help kids remember concepts. They loved it.” – Kindergarten Teacher, Wooldridge Elementary

“It is awesome to see youth helping youth. Hearing issues like this from people your own age makes things more real & clear. Great job to the cast! You all are making a difference!”-Audience member at Travis High School performance

“You should be a courageous bystander everyday!” – 4th grade student, Cowan Elementary

“Now, if I see a bully harming a target I will go and tell the teacher, parent, or a principal.” – 4th grade student, Dawson Elementary

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