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Never Apart in Our Hearts | Creative Action’s Car Parade
September 9, 2020

Never Apart in Our Hearts | Creative Action’s Car Parade

Do you live near LL Campbell Elementary or the Alamo Rec Center? If so, you may have seen or heard Creative Action’s Car Parade over the weekend.

Last Saturday, members of the Creative Action staff and Lee Lewis Campbell Elementary School arrived at the meeting site early to decorate their cars in preparation for the event.

Campbell Elementary is AISD’s only Media and Performing Arts Institute. We are honored to partner with this incredible school through Creative Action After School. Unfortunately, COVID-19 put a temporary hold on in-person classes. Our hearts feel that absence, and we wanted to say that we miss and love you all in a really big way.


We started the parade at the Heritage Park Rehabilitation and Skilled Nursing Center in East Austin. The pandemic’s impact on the home (and others like it) is overwhelming. While we’re unable to comfortably provide them with programs or art supplies, our Associate Director of Community Engagement, Christie Jean-Jacques, compiled a CD library for their residents. So far, she’s collected over one hundred CDs of varying genres for their community members to enjoy.

From there, the parade made its way toward the Alamo Rec Center to honor elders from Continuing Creativity. This community program supports lifelong learning and creativity through arts-based classes for adults ages 65+. Members learn new skills or explore artistic fields they’ve always wanted to try.

Many Alamo Rec residents and their families came out to watch and wave to our staff. It was truly a highlight of the parade.



For those who couldn’t watch in person, we broadcast the Car Parade live on Instagram. Artist, actress, activist, and Creative Action’s Associate Director of Community Engagement, Fadeelah Muhyee, MC’d the entire event by greeting passersby, communicating with online viewers, and taking song requests.

It was a party straight from our cars to your home and phone!

We can’t wait to make art and learn with you in the classroom again. Until then, remember that we are never apart in our hearts.



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