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My Semester at Creative Action

For the past four months, I served as the Community Relations Intern at Creative Action and I couldn’t think of a more exciting time to be involved.

During my season here we:

  • Changed names from Theatre Action Project to Creative Action
  • Got a new website
  • Held I Spy Pie! (one of our largest outreach events of the year)
  • Partnered with new student organizations
  • Reached out to more schools than ever
  • Held our Youth Arts Symposium
  • Were chosen to be a part of the new and improved Trail of Lights.

Yet in all of this, we never changed the heart of what we do.

Despite the changes, updates, and expansions, Creative Action kept its heart in tact. The organization I fell in love with months ago may have a cool new name and a sweet new logo, but it is still committed to the development of students and the power of creative arts to change young lives for the better.

I’m not sure what the future holds for me or if this is the end of my time at Creative Action. I have confidence, however, that wherever I go and whatever I do, I am proud to have contributed to an organization I truly believe in.

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