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Listen to “Step Off,” An Original Song About Bullying
February 6, 2020

Listen to “Step Off,” An Original Song About Bullying

Last fall, after school students at Lee Lewis Campbell Elementary Media and Performing Arts Institute worked side-by-side with professional Teaching Artist David Walker to write, record, and produce “Step Off”— an original song about dealing with bullies.

Together, with Creative Action Associate Director of Community Engagement Fadeelah Muhyee and Campbell Elementary Site Coordinator Dawn Burnside, the catchy and impactful song quickly became a community favorite.

Creative Action programs work to prevent bullying in our communities by strengthening positive skills like cooperation, empathy, confidence, resilience, and leadership — skills that prevent kids from becoming bullies, help targets of bullying respond appropriately, and encourage bystanders to intervene.

David and the Campbell scholars wrote “Step Off” to champion these skills by encouraging listeners to deal with bullying in positive ways and to tell trusted adults if they witness or experience bullying.

In addition to premiering at Campbell Elementary’s fall showcase, the song also appeared at our most recent Community Art Sunday event, where Campbell’s step team performed to its engaging beat and lyrics (pictured above).

Listen to the original piece below. Students ages 11 – 15 also interested in creating original music should check out Creative Action’s Studio and The Bridge programs, which incorporate music production education.

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