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Teaching Artist Spotlights
January Teaching Artist Spotlight
January 9, 2020

January Teaching Artist Spotlight

We’re spotlighting six awesome Teaching Artists this month for their individual talent, creativity, and commitment to Creative Action’s mission. These team members were nominated by Creative Action’s Artistic Associates and will be celebrated for their unique contribution to our organization for the whole month of October! ?

Hooray for Dannie, Mei, Futa, Aaron, Robin, and Cassady!

Dannie Snyder

Dannie Snyer is a storied veteran of Creative Action who left for a bit and is now back saving our bacon, taking on tough assignments and bringing their expertise back to our company. Dannie is creating original art with three different classes at Allison Elementary School.

Mei Makino

Mei Makino is also a veteran of Creative Action who is back to bringing her filmmaking expertise to our students. Mei is currently doing a podcasting unit with Del Valle Elementary. We’re so happy, and lucky, to have her back!


Futa Ofamo’oni

Futa has been rocking it at Becker Elementary! He teaches, Pre-K, 2nd-3rd, and 4th-5th grade. In Futa’s classes, students are learning self-awareness, self-regulation, and collaboration through movement games and capoeira.  His classes are so engaging, and students love him!

Aaron Jordan

Aaron Jordan

Aaron has grown tremendously as a Teaching Artist this year and has not only found new strategies for classroom management but has also gotten in touch with his costuming side and pushed that in his classroom by exploring characters and costume making. His students are having the absolute best time and Aaron is shining in the classroom.

Robin Borre

 Robin is very thoughtful about everything in their classes at Bryker Woods and Ridgetop elementaries. They have been collaborating with the TA who has their class when they are not there, and creating aligned curriculum so their students can have an even stronger experience.

Cassady Spruiell

Cassady has performed with effortless grace and a great attitude at Cunningham, and is really focused on making sure the kids are having fun. Because of her efforts creating a safe and supportive environment, Cassady is now beginning the process of devising with the kids, which was unthinkable weeks ago.

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