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Amplify Austin Creative Action
How to Amplify Creative Action this Amplify Austin
March 2, 2020

How to Amplify Creative Action this Amplify Austin

It’s Time to Amplify Austin!

Each year, Central Texans come together for a city-wide day of giving on Amplify Austin Day. This year Amplify Austin is on March 5 – 6. During this annual campaign, community members, local businesses, and foundations come together to support the city’s most impactful nonprofit organizations in their missions create positive change in our community and beyond. 

Creative Action is excited to be a part of this outstanding generosity movement. This year we are hoping to raise $20,000 towards high-quality arts programming in our community. The vast majority of our programs are provided for free, making the essential community support we receive especially necessary and meaningful. 

amplify austin creative action

How Creative Action Amplifies Austin

Efforts like Amplify help Creative Action to support more than 20,000 young people each year. Through a variety of art-based programs, we create safe and supportive learning environments through which youth develop creativity, compassion, confidence, and critical thinking skills.

We are grateful for our team of innovative and experienced Teaching Artists who encourage youth to become successful adults who thrive in their careers and relationships and contribute to their communities. We believe in honoring and supporting youth voice and experience, and your donation makes that possible.

Your generosity during Amplify is made even more powerful by St. David’s Foundation, which will match a portion of all donations made to Creative Action! Thanks to this partnership, we are able to amplify the transformative power of creative expression, social and emotional learning, and social justice education for young people in our growing community.

How You Can Amplify Creative Action

There are three ways to Amplify Creative Action this Thursday and Friday!

  1. Donate! Your financial gift helps support everything from after school scholarships to stipends for our teen artists. You can schedule your gift here
  2. Share out our Amplify campaign with friends and family and encourage them to give. You can even create a peer-to-peer fundraising page on Hint: use a cute photo of your child at Creative Action programming! 
  3. Share why YOU Amplify Creative Action. We want to hear why arts programming is important to you and yours. Share your support here.

Learn more and schedule your gift here.

Thank you for your continued support of Creative Action! Let’s amplify our mission and our work by getting the word out this Amplify Austin Day.

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