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Boredom Leads To Creativity
How Boredom Can Inspire Creativity
April 14, 2020

How Boredom Can Inspire Creativity

Usually, most of our days are filled to the brim. Between hectic schedules and endless digital distractions, we’ve become accustomed to constant stimulation. But with COVID-19, our bustling world has come to a screeching halt. For many of us, boredom is in greater supply than busyness. 

As we collectively so slow down, there’s a compulsion to fill that empty space. The easiest thing to do when you feel bored is to plug into electronics and tune out from the world. The truth is, digital binging can be dissatisfying and mentally draining. They are a band-aid solution for boredom.

Instead, consider that right now is a great time to tap into your creativity. When you detach from exterior distractions, you’re able to explore your own interior world. In this newfound stillness, we have the liberty to discover our own artistry. 

To tune into this inspiration, it is essential to be relaxed and present. That’s why kids are so creative. They are expert daydreamers, unburdened by stressful schedules and long to-do lists! Creativity happens when we stop striving to do and allow ourselves to be.  Boredom can be a great tool to help you sit with your imagination and curiosity.

Here, we offer a helpful exercise to slow down and lean into boredom. Try this practice with your child and see what you come up with together:

Sit Comfortably

Whether outside, by a window, or in a room in your house. Anywhere, that you feel happy and safe.


Look around and take in what you see. View your surroundings like it’s the first time you’ve ever seen them. Close your eyes, and listen for subtle sounds. Notice the flow of your breath. 

Grab a Pen and Paper

What did you sense that you’ve never noticed before? Did any interesting thoughts come up? What emotions did you experience? Did a particular object or sound stand out to you? Write out your thoughts. Sketch, doodle, or paint what you perceived. Get curious about what comes through. There are no wrong answers. Keep following the trails of interest and see where they take you!

During this difficult period, creative expression is there for us to lean on. We can use it to connect with our communities, share what we’re feeling, and draw us deeper into ourselves. Boredom is simply a creative opportunity in disguise. We hope that you take advantage of these new open spaces. 

Stay safe and healthy. 

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