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Halloween Town

Here is a “green” Halloween craft idea, from TAP Programming Specialist, Florinda Bryant…

Dear teachers and parents,

Don’t throw those milk cartons away; re-use them for a festive “Haunted House” display for your school or home!

Goals and Objectives for the craft:
-To encourage kids to “reduce, reuse, and recycle”, as well as encouraging the use of recycled goods for arts & crafts activities
-To encourage creativity

Before You Start:
Collect and clean a milk carton for each student, or have each child bring a clean carton in. Prepare your tables for painting by protecting them with butcher paper. Set out paint trays and containers of gray, black, and brown paints with brushes. Have on hand an assortment Halloween shapes on construction paper or funky foam, such as faces, ghosts, pumpkins, skeletons, etc.

Let’s Begin:
1. Have the children write their names on the bottom of their milk cartons, then, have them choose what colors to paint their houses.
2. The children will then paint every inch of their cartons except for the bottom.
3. Set the houses aside to dry, and get started on shapes, ghouls and goblins.(You may want to display one haunted house that’s already been made.)

This is also a great time to read Halloween books or telling ghost stories before decorating the houses. Then, once the haunted houses are dry, have everyone stick the Halloween shapes onto their houses for a scary “haunted house” display. Add a string of Christmas lights, and a few fake spiders and spiderwebs to adorn the display. Turn the lights down for a really spooky looking town!

Happy Halloween! Florinda Bryant

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