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Virtual Reality At Community Art Sunday
Get a Sneak Peek of the Virtual Reality Corner
September 11, 2018

Get a Sneak Peek of the Virtual Reality Corner

Last year, Creative Action received a grant from the Mozilla Foundation that allowed us to introduce virtual reality into our arts toolbox.

The Mozilla Foundation funds allowed us to introduce virtual reality projects into two classrooms, and into our Social Creativity program last semester, bringing students face-to-face with the emerging technologies of tomorrow.

And now we’re bringing that technology to our larger community by showcasing several VR environments at our upcoming Community Art Sunday. The VR Corner we’re hosting at the event will allow attendees to literally step into the shoes of another — something we believe all art is capable of allowing, at least in the figurative sense. The video below is an example of just one of the environments you can expect to explore on September 23 and was created by our Social Creativity ensemble of nuerodiverse young adults.

VR goggles are, of course, needed to view the video in all of its glory, but this clip will give you a 2D taste of the 3D world.


Social Creativity members created this magical realm by tracking their experiences of creative engagement over the course of the year, according to different creative energies based on the cardinal directions, plus a fifth element of space. Evocative images and words associated with those energies and with experiences in the Social Creativity class were translated onto the internal six sides of the cube (with the fifth element above and below). The cohort then created a timelapse video by adding details to the sides of the cube, (re)assembling it around the 360 camera, taking a photograph, and then disassembling it to repeat the process. The result is a magical art room or cube that Community Art Sunday attendees will be able to ‘step’ into.

Join us September 23 to experience this virtual world, and others, for yourself. Let us know you’re coming by RSVPing on Facebook.

Learn more about Social Creativity, our arts program for transitioning youth with mild/moderate autism here. Through Social Creativity, we provide an inclusive environment for neurodiverse youth to foster creative self-expression, social skills, vocational skills, and a sense of community belonging.

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