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First Graders Travel The World To Learn Problem Solving In The Heroes/Los Heroés
First Graders Travel the World to Learn Problem Solving
December 15, 2022

First Graders Travel the World to Learn Problem Solving

It’s never too early to grasp the phrase “Stop! Right there! There is a problem.

It all starts with Sam the Salamander’s world-wide quest to discover the Fours Steps to Peace. The magical journey is possible with actors, sets, and puppets in The Heroes/Los Heroés, Creative Action’s English/Spanish in-school performance.

This immersive program uses role-playing, movement, and more to help learners embody and retain a 4-step process for conflict resolution. “The way students learn makes the lessons impactful in a short amount of time.” notes Lynn Hoare, Senior Director of School-based Programs.

Sam and the students’ first stop is Costa Rica to meet Doña Flor, head counselor at Camp Feelings.

First Graders Travel the World to Learn Problem Solving in The Heroes/Los Heroés

Big Lessons in Small Doses

“At Camp Feelings,” says Doña Flor “we believe that naming your feelings, talking about your feelings, and being comfortable with your feelings helps you feel better!” (Aquí, en Camp Feelings, “creemos que nombrando los sentimientos, hablando de los sentimientos, y sentándonos cómodos con los sentimientos nos ayuda sentirnos mejor!”)

We see this in action when campers Stanley and Monique find themselves in a heated discussion after Monique swipes the last banana in the lunchroom. Doña Flor helps them navigate the problem with two of the four steps to peace: Say What You Feel and Take a Break.

No Problem too Big for Students

This semester, The Heroes/Los Heroés is performed by Actor Teaching Artists, Maeve and Lexi. The two step into their characters to teach problem solving and conflict resolution through self-regulation and difficult conversations.

The bilingual script is not only engaging, but conducive to quick understanding. When asked about her experience with young students, Lexi says “I can witness the changes they’re making in real time!”

Click here to learn more about The Heroes/Los Heroés and other Creative Action school-based programs for elementary aged students.

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