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Sharing This Year’s Best!

School’s Out!

Creative Action’s After School sites spent the 2015-16 school year drawing from a full palette of artistic experiences while learning from each other and developing their social and emotional skills. Teaching Artists developed their projects from our 4C curriculum to help students become Creative Artists, Critical Thinkers, Courageous Allies, and Confident Leaders. From Shakespearean monologues, to video game design, to stop motion animation, no one class was the same!

Highlights include…

  •  Maplewood Elementary students put their passion for animal welfare and smart farming into action by designing and selling out a huge stock of custom t-shirts and tote bags, with proceeds benefiting Sustainable Food Center and Austin Animal Shelter.
  •  Longform storytellers at Ridgetop Elementary wrote and produced an original 20-minute radio play telling the story of a thrilling subterranean quest.
  • Sunset Valley Elementary students created a colorful mural that represents the contributions individuals can make to the whole community.
  • Kids here at the Center created claymation films and an original hip-hop song and music video titled “Things We Love.”
  • Kindergarten students at Hart Elementary created a mural depicting positive social behaviors inspired by the phrase, “No Place for Hate!”.

Check out some choice moments from their final performances and sharing sessions below!


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“[Our students] show such amazing qualities of being confident leaders, not only in our program, but across their school. They have used their skills as critical thinkers and creative artists throughout our program for creating new works of art and solving problems in our community. The students stand together as courageous allies, always looking out for one another with support and empathy. Above all the STUDENTS have been my favorite part of this past year.”

—Deanna Deolloz, Becker Elementary After School

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