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Exceeding Expectations (part 2 of 2)

Even though this past spring brought such successful projects like The Last Day of School, which involved heavier visuals including gory make-up and video effects, a stronger, more sophisticated script, and serious acting, the students still have areas they would like to improve on.

In a post-evaluation, I asked them to answer a few questions, including what they wanted to improve upon. The students listed out some of the things they wanted to build on for next year. Vi Trinh, a 2nd year film club member, wants to play more uncomfortable roles. Rebecca Gomez, also in her 2nd year, wants to do a better job of staying focused and staying in character while working. Dawson Vineyard, a 1st year who worked mostly with tech, wants to become a better actor.

With innovation, experience, and determination, the film club looks to enhance what they are doing, and to envision what can be improved on in the future.

Like we did this year, we want to build up from what we made this year and move forward and try new things. We’re already discussing some interesting new technical processes we want to try (we might try to pull off a 3D movie, or even shoot on super 8mm film), some genre ideas (musical, anyone?) but the main thing we want to do is continue the level of quality we’ve built here, to continue to make DVMS one of the premiere film-making hubs in the TAPsphere. And most importantly, I want my students to understand that there really is no limit to what they can do. I think the best thing about this year’s project is that they’re finally starting to lift those barriers in their minds and consider what they once thought impossible. Instead of talking about future projects like they’re impossible fantasies, they’re talking about them as doable challenges, Marcelo said.

The future looks bright for these young stars from Del Valle Middle School Film Club. Sometimes all we need in life is a role model who sets high expectations and gives the encouragement to know we are capable of great things, like Marcelo.

Del Valle Middle School Film Club 2012

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