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#CountEveryVote Kid's Discussion
#CountEveryVote Kids Discussion
November 2, 2020

#CountEveryVote Kids Discussion

Today’s kids know that the 2020 election is an especially big one, and they crave context. If you’re looking for a kid-friendly way for your family to take action to defend the democratic process, you can do so by starting a discussion with your children and community. Check out our Kids #CountEveryVote Discussion Guide and Video Instructions. 

Show Your Kids How Voting Works

Watch this short video from PBS Kids with your child:

After the video is done, ask your kids these questions:

  1. How does voting work?
  2. Would voting work if we didn’t count every vote? (Clarify if needed. Example: If they didn’t even put some of the votes up on the board (just left them there on the ground) would we be able to tell which choice was the winner?)

Have Your Kid Make Their Own Video Callout to Grown-Ups

Discuss that there are some grown-ups out there who are forgetting that you have to count every vote. Ask your child if they want to help you make a short video to remind them. Let them know that you’ll put it online for grown-ups to watch, and make sure they consent to this action.

If they say yes, follow these instructions:  

  1. Tell your kids: After I say “3, 2, 1, ACTION,” you’ll just say “You have to count every vote!” and then we can count a little bit to remind them how it works.  Ready?
  2. Count down and start filming!
  3. Upload the video to social media, along with the following: “Kids Get It! We have to #CountEveryVote. Want to make a video like this with your kids? Click here: @CreativeActionAustin”

TIP: You may want to only film your child’s hands (maybe counting on their fingers) to protect their privacy. Always use your best judgment when sharing your family on each social media platform. Check your sharing settings to ensure that you know who can see or share what you post.

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