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Encourage Expression for Change | Arts in Education Week
September 15, 2021

Encourage Expression for Change | Arts in Education Week

National Arts in Education Week is a great time to remember that self-expression is a step on the path to empowerment.

In 2021, Texas Governor, Greg Abbott, signed into law a bill restricting how the US’s historical and current forms of institutional racism can be taught in Texas schools. Right now, students need the power of arts education more than ever. To work towards a just world, young people must know our country’s deep roots in oppression. Anti-racism (the practice of opposing racism and promoting racial tolerance) needs to be uplifted, not hindered.

We believe that arts education has the unique ability to bring the values of social justice and anti-racism to learners by teaching empathy, coping, and responsible and creative expression. Art connects children to big ideas and helps them activate their emotions to create change.

Art, creativity and engagement, especially by youth, has the potential to bring about change in a society faster than politics can because of its ability to empower. Artistic expression in any form when used in youth development is a vital tool in enabling the next generation. It allows them, us, to better understand our own story so that we may better understand others. It truly does help us to become collaborators, effective communicators, creative innovators and courageous allies. In short, I believe in the power of art because I believe that art is power.

Rachael Osgood, Color Squad Alum


Create and Consume Art

Make and enjoy art often! Color, play with clay, paint rocks, write poetry, etc. Inspire your students or kids with new ways to be imaginative. Demonstrate how to participate in the world with the courage to be creative, hold space, and show respect for others.

Here are a few free projects to get you started:

Participate in Virtual Art Classes

If in-person arts education is not possible for your family right now, there are still options. Did you know that Creative Action offers art classes for young people worldwide on Outschool? Outschool is the largest marketplace of live online classes for kids. It connects learners, parents, and teachers to create interest-based, small-group learning experiences.

Right now, your child can join our professional Teaching Artists for fun classes online – including sing-alongs, dance classes, drawing & more.

Lend Your Skills

Are you an Austin-based creative interested in inspiring the next generation of artists and change-makers? We’d love to meet you. We are currently hiring Teaching Artists to work with students in the ATX-area. Learn more and apply here.

Fund the Arts

We use arts as a medium to inspire creativity, unlock potential, and transform the lives of students of all ages. We can only do this through the support of our donors. Their contributions fund arts education for our students and provide work for local artists. If you’d like to see how far a gift to Creative Action can go, you can do so here.

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