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Creative Action X Olivela Partnership
Creative Action’s Fundraising Partnership with Olivela
July 9, 2019

Creative Action’s Fundraising Partnership with Olivela

Support in Style

The summer season is here. While you shop for beach ready looks, stylish swimsuits, and outfits that help you beat the Texas heat, we hope you’ll consider an online retail option that helps support our local arts programming for students across Central Texas. 

We are excited to announce a new partnership with Olivela, the luxury fashion and retail concept, that will allow our community to further their support for Creative Action in the most fashionable way possible.  

This partnership is just one of several unique ways you can support Creative Action and our mission. Visit Other Ways to Donate to learn more.  

How it Works

When you shop more than 250+ brands at, 20% of the proceeds of every purchase you make helps provide young people with high-quality, socially and culturally relevant arts education. 

Stacey’s Story

It all started when founder Stacey Boyd stepped onto a dusty airstrip in Dadaab, Kenya, to attend Malala’s 19th birthday celebration. It was a gathering of extraordinary girls at the world’s largest refugee camp.

As Stacey reached into her bag to take a picture, she realized that a fraction of the cost of her bag could send one of these girls to school for a year. After returning home, she called some of the world’s leading luxury designers, from Givenchy, Jimmy Choo and Valentino, to share her experience and ask them if they would partner with her to build a luxury fashion and beauty retail concept where 20% of proceeds support at-risk communities.

Every brand said yes. In 2017, Olivela was born.

Learn more about Stacey’s story here

Ready to Shop? 

Visit to shop more than 250 brands. 20% of whatever you purchase will go back to Creative Action to support our high-quality arts programming. 


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