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Continuing Creativity
Community Art Sunday Recap: Storytelling Seniors and Young Poets
January 25, 2018

Community Art Sunday Recap: Storytelling Seniors and Young Poets

At our most recent Community Art Sunday, we explored different ways to shares stories with our attendees. To do that, we created books, made mobiles, participated in story circles and laid out vision boards.

One of the highlights of the day was the live storytelling done by a few of our creative seniors.

The older adults are a part of our Continuing Creativity program, which engages community members ages 65 and up in creative writing and storytelling. Writers use their own lived experience to craft short stories that explain the arcs of their lives and offer readers and listeners the benefit of their earned wisdom.


At the event, Continuing Creativity member Betty Ussery told the story of being a Black supervisor of a white staff at the Austin State School in the 60s. Cynthia Herbert related her experience of learning about diversity while growing up, and Zenobia Orimoloye described her grandmothers and the impact they made on her young life. All three are long time members of our community — Zenobia has written two books about her life since joining our program.

Several students from Campbell elementary joined the seniors to perform a poem of their own writing and teaching artist Dave Ronn added a musical accompaniment to the performances with his guitar.

Listen to the talented storytellers and poets above. If you know an older adult interested in our Continuing Creativity classes, reach out to Christie Jean-Jacques at

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