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Changing Lives Winter Sharing

Nitra says:

Vivienne is a peer leader in the Changing Lives Youth Theatre Ensemble. This is her second year with the group. Vivienne is a talented actress, hard worker and excellent motivator for the ensemble. Her enthusiasm is contagious and she’s great fun to be around.


Changing Lives has grown so much this year!

It’s really exciting, actually. We’re working on revisions of our complete script, and even though the editing process is never really over, we’re really in love with it. This year’s play (still untitled) asks a lot of questions about media’s effects on young people — and tackles how those ideas might affect our relationships.

Our winter sharing is taking place soon. If you would like to come hear it, see the details below. The semester is coming to and end, and we all know what that means: TOURING! After a long, hardworking semester of fun, bonding, and putting together a beautiful, original script, actual performances are right around the corner. Crazy how time flies. I’m looking forward to next week’s sharing and next year. I’m sure everyone else is too.

Join us on Thursday, December 13th at 8 p.m. The reading will take place at the Trinity United Methodist Church at 40th & Speedway, in the Community Room. It is a pot luck event, so please feel free but not obligated to bring some munchies to share.

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