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Cell Phone Zombies

Mikala Gibson, TAP’s Artistic Associate and teaching artist extraordinaire, recently made a short film with her after school class at Ojeda Middle School in Del Valle Independent School District. photos courtesy of Edward Pierce

Cell Phone Zombies, a short horror film doubling as a public service announcement, is about zombies that attack students who break school rules and use their cell phones at school. While Mikala is proud to have facilitated the story and help put everything together, she can’t take credit, as it was 100% the Ojeda students’ idea. The Ojeda principal, Timica Patton, attended the premiere during the after school program on Thursday, October 30th. Applauding the students’ work, she decided to show the film to the entire student body during advisory period on Halloween. The students were ecstatic and can’t wait to begin work on their next film on perfect attendance.

Group photo shot at Ojeda Middle School

Zombies in action

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