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Birthday Party Planning

TAP’s Elementary School Program Director, Sarah Rinner, retells a story from Winn Elementary’s first day of programming…

Yesterday I went to our first day of programming at Winn Elementary. During homework time I got a chance to speak with Michiah, a very bright young 2nd grader. She had finished her work, and we got to talking about siblings, about fighting and getting along, about being older or younger, you know how it is. After learning that I had a younger sister, we had a very insightful conversation about birthdays and the best way to celebrate them. I have tried my best to recreate some of our conversation here:

Michiah: When is your sister’s birthday?
Me: December.
Michiah: You should invite her over and have a party. Surprise her! Don’t tell her about it!
Me: Okay, what should I do?
Michiah: First you gotta have a cake.
Me: What kind of cake?
Michiah: Vanilla. With vanilla frosting.
Me: Sounds good. Then what should we do?

Michiah: You need balloons. What is your sister’s favorite color?
Me: Black.
Michiah: Okay, get some black balloons. And red ones, too.
Me: Got it.
Michiah: You need to go for a hike. Do you live downtown?
Me: No. But I live near the river where people take their dogs to play.
Michiah: [Excited] Okay okay that’s a good place for a hike.
Me: What should we have for dinner?
Michiah: Pizza.
Me: What kind of pizza?
Michiah: Pepperoni.
Me & Michiah: With extra cheese! [Great minds think alike.]

Well, the conversation went on from there, but let’s just say that Michiah has saved me hours of fretting over what to plan for my sister’s birthday. I’ve got to have presents and a card (she suggested pictures of my family) and plenty of blankets (as it is a sleepover) and we are going to watch a scary movie. All after going for a hike, of course. My final instruction was to cook my sister breakfast in bed (“Does she like tea?” “No, coffee.” “Ooh, coffee, that’s fine.”), a feast of bacon and breakfast tacos. This young child has a promising career of organization or event planning. I can’t wait for December.

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