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The Best Austin Film Camp Is Back!
The Best Austin Film Camp is Back
March 16, 2023

The Best Austin Film Camp is Back

Creative Action Summer Camps bring the fun with art, treats, games, and for some, movies. This year, the best Austin film camp is back with the chance to make a summer blockbuster in the following genres:

🐉 Creature Feature 

Make your own King Kong versus Godzilla kaiju flick! In this two week film camp, participants will learn to make a unique monster movie using professional film production techniques, costume design, and 3D set design.

🛸 Science Fiction

Add flying saucers or aliens into your movies! Campers will learn the genre of science fiction filmmaking including camera work, screenwriting, sound foley, green screen technology, model-making and production design.

🎥 Stop Motion

Create animated movies using stop motion studio and claymation techniques! Campers will incorporate character design, storyboarding, flipbooks, sound effects, voice acting, and more!


At the end of. the two-week intensives,  young filmmakers will show off their work in a live screening for family and friends.

To understand the kind of work you can look forward to, we invite you to have your own screening of the movies made by 2022’s Academy filmmakers. Enjoy a great heist, fun science fiction, and even a musical with original songs:

When a young girl sees a lonely statue in a wealthy industrialist’s personal museum, she makes a choice to right a hundred-year-old wrong.

A group of gamers find themselves trapped inside a virtual world with only one way out. They have to beat the game.

When Sam, a quiet introvert, decides to audition for the hot new play in town, he has to deal with finding his courage, conquering his fear, and the popular theatre kid gunning for his part. With original songs written and performed by the students, “Someone” is a story of friendship, rivalry, and hope.

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