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Arts Education Must Remain Funded
Arts Education Must Remain Funded
September 30, 2020

Arts Education Must Remain Funded

We’re honored to feature this guest post by Neve Spicer from We Are The Parents!

Creative self-expression is something many children relish. It’s an opportunity for them to produce something to be proud of, learn new skills, and express their thoughts, emotions, and opinions. All of these opportunities are developmentally beneficial for kids, which is why arts education is such a natural fit for the classroom.

The dichotomy that currently exists regarding arts education is a painful one. While numerous studies have determined that children see significant personal, social, and academic benefits from time spent studying music, theater, and visual art, arts programs are on the chopping block at schools across the country. When budgets see cuts, arts education is often expected to slim down — or, in some cases, disappear.

This is a great loss to our nation’s young people, and is the impetus for National Arts in Education Week. The annual event serves to celebrate the remarkable number of benefits found in keeping art in curriculum, encouraging communities to come together to enjoy art and advocate for its role in our children’s academic lives.

Here are just a few of the ways children benefit from studying the arts:

  • Adults and children are equally vulnerable to issues like stress, anxiety, and depression, but time spent in arts education is linked with diminishment of these feelings. Additionally, increased feelings of positivity, self-esteem, and well-being are associated with study of the arts.
  • According to studies by Stamford and Carnegie Hall, children who study art are more likely to receive recognition for their academic prowess and hold office in class elections. Additional studies have revealed that arts ed is also linked to better attendance, a reduced likelihood of dropping out, and an increased chance of enrollment in secondary education.

Of course, this is just scratching the surface as this visualization from We The Parents clarifies:

Learn more about the benefits of Arts Education for children at We The Parents.

More information about Arts in Education Week events and advocacy opportunities can be found at the Americans for the Arts.

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