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6 Low-No Cost Ways to be a Philanthropist
November 15, 2021

6 Low-No Cost Ways to be a Philanthropist

You don’t need excessive wealth to be a philanthropist. The true core of giving is in the desire to promote the welfare of others.

Right now, requests for help and mutual aid are more prevalent than ever. Word spreads almost immediately on social media, making it near impossible to ignore the fact that we need each other. The giving season is only weeks away and it has us asking what it means to be a philanthropist.

Philanthropy for All

While monetary contributions can be a quick and very effective way to uplift others, they are not the only way to invest in your community. Service starts with a hope for positive change. If you have the wish and capacity to help someone, no action is too small. Here are 6 Low-No Cost Ways to be a Philanthropist.

Low-Cost Ways to be a Philanthropist

  • Volunteering is a wonderful way to maximize your efforts if you have the means to do so. See how you can donate your time or skills to cause near to your heart. Note: Some consider volunteering a no-cost way to help, but always remember that your time is valuable.
  • Purchase from a wishlist. Many foundations, charities, and non-profits have wishlists of in-need items. Buying from these is a great way to make a big difference with little money or time given.
  • Give what you can. Similar to buying from a wishlist, a $1-$5 cash donation can go further than you may know.

No-Cost Ways to be a Philanthropist

  • Be a social media superstar by liking, sharing, and saving content from local organizations or calls for mutual aid. This will ensure that those in your circle see important updates and requests. It will also tell social media platforms to share more from these accounts with others in your demographic. Note: You can follow Creative Action on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!
  • Raise funds through online fundrasiers or other means to secure donations. See how you can offer an easy way for people to give.
  • Donate gently used items that you no longer need. You’d be surprised by how helpful your unused goods may be. Animal shelters almost always need towels or bedding, teachers may love your second-hand children’s books, art supplies are great to give to after school art organizations, etc..

Reflection for Ethical Giving

It’s crucial that philanthropists work with respect and humanity at the forefront. Help that hurts is merely harm. Before starting on your endeavors ask yourself:

  • How will my efforts directly affect those I hope to reach?
  • Will my contributions honor their autonomy?
  • Are my actions centered around myself or the betterment of others?

We hope that you are inspired to give if you can this year! Although things can seem tough right now, we can foster a culture of recognizing and asking for the help we need while acknowledging where and when we can lift up others.

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