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5 Creative Action Films That Tell LGBTQIA+ Stories
5 Youth-Made Films That Tell LGBTQIA+ Stories
October 18, 2021

5 Youth-Made Films That Tell LGBTQIA+ Stories

Young people identifying as LGBTQIA+ experience bullying at disproportionate rates from their peers. With 1 in 5 students ages 12-18 reporting harassment, 70.1% of LGBTQIA+ students report being verbally harassed while 71% report hearing homophobic remarks from educators about their gender expression (according to GLAAD – the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation).

To support and show solidarity to young people, it’s imperative that we listen to their voices.

For Spirit Day on October 21, 2021, we invite you to watch any of these 5 Youth-Made Films That Tell LGBTQIA+ Stories made by young filmmakers in Youth Cinema Collective.

What is Spirit Day?

Started in 2010 by then high school student, Brittany McMillan, Spirit Day serves to raise awareness for bullying towards LGBTQIA+ youth and to spread acceptance and inclusion. Over a decade later, Spirit Day continues to see millions of people honor the campaign’s rise against the oppression of LGBTQIA+ kids, teens, and young adults.

5 Youth-Made Films That Tell LGBTQIA+ Stories

1. Foward

Sometimes, making the first move is all you need to make everything happen.

2. Bloodsuckerz!

A vampire and her mortal girlfriend re-evaluate their relationship after a bite scare takes them to the local clinic.

3. My Heart Can’t Speak The Way I Want It To

A frank and moving story about a young man coming to grips with his bisexuality.

4. Queer Prom

When Mandy meets the love of her life at the Queer Prom, she’s ready to make some magic – there’s just one small problem…

5. Tokenized

When Maggie is assigned her role as a “token” character in her friend Spencer’s story, all she wants to do is do her job…

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